Residential Mosaic Boards

Created by artist Dan Bahn, these original abstract mosaic water features will bring your yard to life. This contemporary water feature is the perfect balance of colorful porcelain and glass tile beautifully crafted and set by hand. Each tile board offers a one-of-kind water feature every time.
You have your choice of one of three spout styles hand-crafted by a metal artisan in either polished or brushed stainless steel or hammered brass.

36" x 60" In-Ground Water Feature


Comes with all the components to install a beautiful water feature for your outdoor space.

18" x 48" Above-Ground Water feature


Our NEW smaller water feature is perfect for decks and patios, or anywhere indoors where you want a work of art and the soothing sound of water.

36" x 60" Above-Ground Water Feature

Make a Statement

The same size as our In-Ground feature, but this can go on a deck or patio. You can put this inside and really make a statement!