The Picture

Plants have health advantages and contribute to a feeling of well-being, but can take up valuable space. Mobilane has developed Live Picture®. To give the benefits without loss of floor space

Besides the health advantages and the space-saving Live Picture® is also an easily maintained and attractive wall decoration. The cassettes with the plants can be easily changed in moments. And the plants only need watering every six weeks.

Due to the innovative design no power is needed to irrigate the plants for a period of 6 weeks. LivePicture® can be fitted everywhere. The planting schemes in LivePicture® result in a more pleasant air humidity and can remove carbon dioxide and pollution.

 Happier because of plants!

Several studies show that employees feel healthier and more happy in a green working environment. Not only that because they are healthier they are more productive, are ill less and they recover more quickly from stress. Green is therefore more than just a luxury product, Green is beneficial to health. Moreover people feel more secure in a green working environment. LivePicture® is not only nice to look at but also contributes to the health of your employees. An investment which will return a dividend each year paying for itself in lower employees costs.

The system

LivePicture® is available in 3 different colours as well as a mosaic tile option. Inside the frame a plant cassette, in which the plants are installed, is fitted. The plant cassettes can easily be exchanged enabling you to change the plants during the different seasons. LivePicture® is mounted to a wall using only 3 screws.